Hello, my name is Adam Warkentin. I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I am in school full time. Driven by a passion for gaming, I work hard to innovate and create new gameplay experiences and tell new stories for everyone to enjoy.

I am currently in my final semester studying game programming at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.



IT Related Skills

  • Utilizing the C# programming language in a variety of projects

  • Knowledge of C++ and its many applications in game programming

  • Strong knowledge in using the IDE Visual Studio

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Unity game engine & its many features

  • Skilled in developing games for mobile platforms using Unity

  • Basic understanding of using the Unreal Engine 4 to create games

  • Experienced in using the XNA Monogame framework in the context of game development

  • Understanding how to use the Game Maker engine as well as the RPG Maker engine in creating games

  • Creating & managing innovative databases using the SQL programming language

  • Utilizing HTML5 & CSS to create innovative websites
    Strong undertsanding of how to manage web domains

  • Experienced in utilizing graphical software such as Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

  • Skilled in recording & editing audio using Audacity

  • Script writing and formatting

  • Skilled in planning and structuring original stories

Laptop & Coffee


  • GCS Fall Game Jam 2018

  • Edmonton Public Library Capstone Project

  • Published Mobile Game On Google Play Store

  • Alberta Game Jam 2019

  • GCS Fall Game Jam 2019

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